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Are you looking for a Ram service manual for the years 2018-2021? You are one of many people trying to find service manual information about your Ram 1500.

If your Ram 1500 is between the years 2018 and 2021, the chances of finding something are somewhat limited.  Publishers cannot make much money off manuals and discs produced these years because most Ram 1500s are still under warranty.
Older model Ram 1500 service manuals are easier to find. A quick check on the Internet indicates many sources available with information about older Ram 1500s.  Some sources even provide some info for free, and of course, pricey service manuals are available!
Ram 1500
Discs can be burned in a few minutes as per orders (cheap=big profit), whereas paper manuals (expensive=less profit) have to be printed in advanced. Also, you can now buy a 2016 disc, for example, but there is a new caveat: IT DOES NOT CONTAIN THE TRADITIONAL WIRING DIAGRAM INFORMATION It does contain the wiring information relevant to a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) in the diagnostic procedure for the specific DTC.

Ram 1500 2018-2021

Fifth Generation:        2019-
Fourth Generation:    2009-2018
Third Generation:       2001/2002-2008
Second Generation:  1994-2001/2002
First Generation:        1981-1993
Most Ram 1500 owners will simply take their Ram 1500 back to the dealer for service or repair. The demand for manuals for this time period are somewhat limited to individuals who are looking for wiring diagrams to add accessories. Independent garage owners probably will not see much business from this time period, so it wouldn't pay them to purchase service manuals for these years.

First-Fifth Generations Ram 1500

The 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 has the most TSBs with 138 Technical Service Bulletins issued.
Source: NHTSA
RAM 1500
What..? No Wiring Diagrams!
Why the traditional wiring diagrams are not included is anyone's guess, e.g.,(1) too many different models and options, (2) to prevent owners from wiring in options found on more expensive models on less expensive model$.
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You may find that the Hayne's Manual or Chilton's Manual may suffice for your needs. However, you may find that for your particular project, you may need more detail.

So if you need the Ram 1500 Service Manual, you will find it available on disc, or maybe paper, depending upon the years.  Shop around for the best price; you may find a large price gap.  Also, make sure you are getting a genuine copy,
not an illegal copy that may be distorted.
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Help with Diagnosis
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